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The current corona crisis is not only dominating the headlines, it is also affecting many of us – especially in the automotive industry – very personally. Alongside acute crisis management, the industry is still faced with the continually growing complexity of E/E architectures as well as ever shorter product cycles in vehicle engineering. This results in new topologies in networking – in terms of energy supply, but also in the distribution of information. Both result in a multitude of requirements for the protection of these complex systems. This is ultimately also something required by the legislator – a challenge for the tool and process landscape of both OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.

We understand the challenges of our customers and will continue to offer reliable and use-case-optimized solutions in the future. We are proud to be presenting one of them to you today in a new, future-proof generation – the Softing Diagnostic Tool Set (DTS 9).

Your Softing Automotive Team

Softing DTS 9 – Now available!

New Generation of the Engineering Tester Softing DTS.monaco now Available!

After the successful launch at pilot customers, the standard version of the All-in-one Engineering Tester Softing DTS.monaco is now available in a new generation! As a complete off-board diagnostic tool for the engineering sector, Softing DTS.monaco covers the entire range of use cases from ECU testing through to vehicle release.

Highlights in DTS 9
  • Remote diagnostics in the engineering network
  • Representation and recording of DoIP communication
  • New functions in OTX support (new OTX ISO standard) as well as functional diagnostics (see Softing SDE)
  • Revised security concept
  • 64-bit software with multi-lingual interface
  • New graphical instruments for measuring and actuator diagnostics
  • Intuitive, touch-capable navigation and program structure
  • Recording of measured data in .csv
  • New licensing possibilities with an activation key and server licensing
Further information on Softing DTS.monaco

Product News

Design Option in Softing DTS.monaco Interactively and Individually Designable User Interfaces in Softing DTS.monaco

A major advantage of Softing DTS.monaco is the free design of the user interface which consists of predefined but flexibly configurable control elements. For common use cases, such as error memory operations, ECU programming or variant coding, the appropriate control elements are already included in the scope of delivery and can be used intuitively by the user without detailed previous knowledge. Experts are responsible for defining the communication functionality relating to the diagnostic services.

Furthermore, OTX sequences can now also be created using the Softing tool and integrated and started directly in Softing DTS.monaco. These can be used as macros, but also enable the implementation of predefined diagnostic releases. As OTX makes it possible to create user interface elements, user interactions and customized representations can also be realized.

Further information on the design options and OTX integreation in Softing DTS.monaco

High Voltage Equipment by Softing
HV Equipment for Working Safely in the Lab, on the Test Bench and on the Vehicle

The development and manufacture of electric and hybrid vehicles place particularly high and diverse demands on the large number of electronic testing and verification systems required. Safe measurement, testing, verification and application in the high-voltage range requires not only highly reliable, reproducible and automatable test systems, but also simulations suitable for complex ECUs – for example to simulate real battery cells – and HV-compatible accessories, such as special cables, break-out boxes and adaptations.

For your HV applications, we design and develop individual adapters, supply systems as well as measurement and simulation technology up to 1000 V/1000 A. 

Further information and examples of expertise of our high-voltage equipment

Central Role and User Management with Softing TDX.admin Central Role and User Management with Softing TDX.admin

The large number of diagnostic tester installations around the world necessitates efficient role and user management. In addition, ensuring consistent, automated and centrally controlled updates of software and its diagnostic content, such as repair instructions and diagnostic trees, is of particular importance for the use of the diagnostic tester in the repair shop area.

We meet these challenges with Softing TDX.admin, a back-end administrator tool from the Softing TDX toolkit.

Further information on the administrator tool Softing TDX.admin

Softing SDE
Remote. Secure. Softing SDE. 

Depending on the particular use case, remote diagnostics requires short latency times or high bandwidths. Short latency times, for example, are a requirement for measurement data acquisition, while high bandwidths are a prerequisite for ECU programming. Furthermore, remote diagnostics requires a sufficiently stable connection, a requirement that unfortunately often cannot be guaranteed.

This is why Softing has combined its long-term know-how with ODX and OTX sequence systems and, in the Smart Diagnostic Engine (Softing SDE), created a fully remote-capable diagnostic runtime system which provides an application interface (API) with a service-oriented approach. In this way, the diagnostic task can always be processed reliably in all use cases, regardless of the available connection quality, either in the vehicle itself, in a VCI or on an integrated test computer. Further information on Softing SDE.

Further information on Softing SDE

OBD to Ethernet solutions by Softing Premium VCIs VIN|ING 3000/6000 for Engineering, Development, Test Environment and Manufacturing

Coming soon – In addition to diagnostic and measurement tasks on vehicle bus systems, the premium VCIs VIN|ING 3000/6000 support residual bus simulation and data logging. The modular system means the device can be configured to suit the particular use case, resulting in maximum flexibility. The appropriate interface boards for CAN/FD, Automotive Ethernet and serial interfaces such as K-Line, LIN or SENT are simply integrated for this purpose. Together with Softing VCF, cross-platform, parallel and distributed communication tasks can be mapped. The middleware forms the basis for fulfilling versatile measuring tasks, bus analysis, data logging and residual bus simulation.

Another core task of the new VCIs is the reliable and high-performance diagnostic communication with the ECUs – typically via standardized diagnostic protocols – D-PDU API or Pass Thru API (SAE J2534). In combination with the runtime system Softing SDE, complex diagnostic sequences can be realized over a function-oriented API. Softing VCF and Softing SDE can work with the VCI over a control system or execute their tasks directly on the VCI in stand-alone operation.

Further information on VIN|ING 3000/6000 


Technical Article on Remote Diagnostics & Security
Specialist Article – Brave New World… Remote Diagnostics & Security

The need for solutions which can be used to access vehicles and test benches decentrally continues to increase. At the same time, the demand for safeguarding these solutions is also growing because both unauthorized access to the available information and its manipulation hold enormous potential for damage.  This is why Softing solutions have always protected data  – our customers’ intellectual property – with strong encryption.

For this purpose, we implement individual algorithms if customers so desire and secure these with a license. Simultaneously, we offer solutions for safeguarding remote connecting routes and thus guarantee safe communication on the basis of standard mechanisms tried and tested the world over. Furthermore, we work together with one of the market leaders for the licensing and protection of applications, thus ensuring the best possible protection for our customers.

You will find this article along with a range of other specialist articles from Softing on our website.

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In spite of standardization and user-friendly tools, the complexity of vehicle diagnostics demands comprehensive, sound expertise to suit the area of application and requirements. 

Our training team will provide you with the necessary knowledge and bring you up to date with all the latest technological details.

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