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Our solutions are constantly being developed – in accordance with the specifications of international standards and in line with customer- and industry-specific requirements. As usual, our newsletter gives you an overview of the further development of our diagnostic and test solutions as well as of the advances in vehicle diagnostic standardization. In addition, today we are presenting sample solutions from our simulation and test portfolio as well as two use cases from manufacturing and motorsport.  

We would be happy to advise you on your individual challenges or guide you through our virtual showroom. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Product News

Softing TDX 2.4 – An Even Faster Path to an Individual After-Sales Tester with Design Templates

The latest release of the Softing TDX repair shop tester version 2.4 now comes complete with design templates. Common diagnostic functions, such as vehicle or ECU identification, the processing of error memories (DTCs) and reading out measurement values, have already been implemented and only need to be adapted slightly for a new vehicle or ECU. This allows you to work considerably faster and obtain high-quality results in the shortest possible time.

The new TDX version is now also available as a 64-bit application and thus continues the high-performance execution of the predecessor versions. Another boost in work efficiency is the linguistic translation of the after-sales tester's content. It is now possible to export the TDX projects as XLIFF files and provide them directly to translation agencies. This makes it easy to have content translated professionally into the required languages.

Further information on Softing TDX Design Templates

Scalable Diagnostics with Softing DTS
Efficient, Scalable Diagnostics on the Test Carrier – Even when Working at Home!

Reading and documenting what happens with vehicles during the course of any one test day is extremely time-consuming. An interface is plugged into the test carrier, the tester application is connected, and automatic or interactive tests are performed – per test carrier and readout time. At the moment, the situation is all the more difficult because the workplace and vehicle test are often of a virtual nature. Once again, the challenge is to precisely document the test carriers, some of which are distributed across different test locations.

Softing DTS customers will have an elegant solution to this dilemma from July 2021: In combination with the diagnostic interface VIN|ING 2000, it will become possible not only to establish an ad hoc diagnostic connection via a WLAN access point of the device, but also to use the entire network infrastructure of the laboratory or enterprise. The test carriers can be accessed one after the other using a device connection.

Further information on Softing DTS

Sample Solutions: Simulation & Test

Effiziente Fehlersuche
Efficient Fault Simulation

In daily operation, the ECUs in the vehicle are exposed to environmental stress, such as vibrations or widely fluctuating ambient temperatures. The components must therefore be able to handle all conceivable faults. For the test, these faults are simulated on the ECU pin and the respective behavior and diagnostic entry documented.

What used to take a lot of time due to manual testing is now almost self-sustaining thanks to automation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of customizable simulation technology, including fault simulation via the OBD-FSIM box, which comprises diagnostic and ECU error simulation in addition to automated breakout boxes (BOB).

Further information on efficient fault simulation with the OBD-FSIM box from Softing

Flexible Commissioning Sequences with OTX Flexible Commissioning Processes – OTX Makes it Easy!

Whether in the test workshop or endurance testing, on the test bench or in engineering: After the repair and replacement of vehicle components, the ECU and peripherals must be tuned to each other again. In addition to purely functional sequences, interaction with operating personnel is often required to start individual process steps or enter parameters.

With OTX and Softing’s OTX tools, even complex commissioning sequences that have to address multiple vehicle systems in a defined order (e.g. ignition lock replacement) can be implemented quickly and easily. The uniform handling of variants through generic sequence implementation is also possible – concrete settings to specific ECUs or vehicle components are made dynamically via external configuration (XML).

Further information on commissioning sequences with OTX

Use Cases from Manufacturing and Motorsport

VIN|ING 2000 – Powerful Band-in-Line Solution at Different Manufacturing Sites

In vehicle manufacturing, very high demands are placed on timing, performance and system stability. For the vehicle interface (VCI), this means that the protocol stack for the communication software is executed in real time on the VCI without interruption and that communication with the host PC takes place via a powerful interface. Special requirements are also made of connection management to ensure secure access to a large number of VCIs can be managed.

VIN|ING 2000 has been used successfully for years by OEMs and Tier1 suppliers, for example as a band-in-line solution at various manufacturing sites. Along with conventional bus systems and diagnostic protocols, it supports CAN/FD and DoIP. The wireless connection via WLAN is very advantageous, especially on the production line. Necessary security aspects are covered with enterprise authentication and certificates. The intelligent power management is a further prerequisite for use on the production line. The final quality that makes VIN|ING 2000 a state-of-the-art manufacturing VCI is the vehicle diagnostics that complies with the latest standards, including high-performance flash programming.

Further infromation on VIN|ING 2000

Telematics Gateway xTCU
Pole Position with the xTCU Telematics Gateway  

In racing, it is often just tiny details that make the difference between victory and defeat. In addition to the driver’s skill, it also depends on the racing team having the appropriate expertise. Among other things, data acquisition and measurement technology is installed in the vehicle in order to constantly monitor and ultimately optimize it. The aim is to collect, analyze and process live data from the vehicle during the race. Optimal vehicle settings and even predictive maintenance measures can then be carried out based on this information.

The solution is a combination of the xTCU telematics gateway and Memotec’s measurement technology, which collects corresponding vehicle data for regulation monitoring (Balance of Performance). The xTCU transmits a range of live data from vehicle operation, such as position and 3D acceleration, and also accesses the vehicle data via a CAN interface. As there is always a connection with the strongest provider, all data is available for advanced telematics tasks in the cloud via the 4G (5G ready) mobile communications standard. Optional data recording is also possible.

Further information on the use of the xTCU telematics gateway in motorsport

Standardization News

SOVD – the Diagnostics Standard of Tomorrow

The shift in electronic vehicle architecture toward centralized High Performance Computers (HPC) requires changes in vehicle diagnostic procedures. ASAM e.V. is therefore currently preparing a standardization of the new diagnostic structure under the title “Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics” (SOVD).

In our specialist article “SOVD – the Diagnostics Standard of Tomorrow” by Markus Steffelbauer, Head of Product Management at Softing Automotive and Member of the ASAM task force, you will find out more about standardized HPC diagnostics and the SOVD standard. There, we will also show you that today’s diagnostic tools, such as Softing’s Smart Diagnostic Engine (SDE), already have the potential to support future requirements.

Read technical article “SOVD – The Diagnostics Standard of Tomorrow” (ATZelectronic 4/2021)

DoIP with TLS – Small Changes, Major Impact

The ISO standard on diagnostic communication “Diagnostics over Internet Protocol” (DoIP) is becoming increasingly prevalent. This is not surprising as the advantages of this innovation are obvious. On the Internet, it is normal to transmit large amounts of data – in today’s vehicles, data packages of several GBytes are no longer unusual. At the same time, the trend toward remote diagnostics is unstoppable.

It is precisely for this reason that the current edition of ISO 13400 provides the necessary data protection. It is taken care of by Transport Layer Security (TLS), the standard for communication encryption. The process enables very secure remote communication with ECUs and vehicles. This extension is already available in the protocol stacks of Softing products.

Further information on DoIP with TLS

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